what’s this blog about?

Well, this blog is about me.
It’s an extension of my person.
While you’re here. here’s a little something about me…
I understand in my own way, not asking questions because that is a sign of weakness, I want to ask, but I wait to be told, I know, but I wait to be asked, I judge people based on my realities, knowing they can’t possibly match up I am afraid. Of what exactly, I don’t know I take everything seriously, even when I’m not supposed to I play things out in my imagination, and it is wild beyond compare I don’t really care for most things, but I pretend I do, just for the heck of it. I act stupid, usually because (I think) my smartness is too much for most people, I can’t say no. I try, succeed occasionally but that’s usually in a minority of situations, I become attached too easily I have a stupid side I like being taller than people I’m frugal, like I can starve to save money, then I spend that money on random things I hate having to dumb things down… I tune things I don’t like out I listen to things I’m not supposed to, like phone conversations, I like matching my shirt with my pants. I detest shortening of words, I’m afraid of big dogs, The longest phone conversation I have had was 2 hours long, My favourite video game to date is Knights of the Temple, mostly because I’ve never been able to find it and continue playing after playing it once, My favourite film is Children of Men, because I watched it completely by accident, and I loved it, When I was 18, I lived my life anticipating the Apocalypse, to some extent I still do, I love insects. I believe in reincarnation, I love technology, but I have avoided it in school because that will make it another one of ‘those things’ that school ruined for me, I walk long distances for the heck of it, I have worn glasses since I was 8 years old, I want to go to Denmark at some point in my life, I root for the underdog, I look for intellectual value in things, and very often get disappointed, I wanted to be a doctor because of ER, I love football, but I can’t sit and watch a match, I’m a Geography nut. I know where Abkhazia is. I can’t write poetry. I have tried. Prose is way easier, I hate much faster than I love, I have no idea why I’m writing this, but I like it, so I shall continue later

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