I admit it, I have been neglecting my blog, and watching a lot more movies-based-on books, and reading the books that the movies are based on… It’s a self-propagating process.
But somehow I managed to write a poem that I was meant to perform, but didn’t. I write a lot less than I used to, perhaps because I have so many outlets for what I have to say, especially Twitter… All the same, here it is:

bridges burned
corners turned
Blistered fingertips from the last match
I used to set the last of my memories
Fireworks explode
The great leap
off the last stepping stone
that sinks into the past
no assurances
all is lost
there is no undo
Mon Dieu
Am I scared?
Of ghost hands
holding lingering strings
once tied to balloons
limply hanging
Popping, churning up
Cruel memories
jagged pieces
cut into rugged slices
but then a recess
made way for progress
Moving only forward
every so often looking back
at pillars of salt
tall and solid
till it rains
But on I go
To where I know
I start again
I suppose
It’s a cycle

I’m also translating for Global Voices Swahili, so that’s also something interesting that I’m doing on the side…

Hoping to write more soon. And proper stuff as well.