Something I found and wanted to share…

[E]very day, we run around, ticking boxes off, making phone calls, completing errands, piling on more work on top of an already heavy load. We run around stressed, depressed, angry, impatient and unloving. We run until we can run no more, and then, we die. In between the running around, we may come, at one point or another, to face ourselves, and usually society has a nice term for this, calling it a “quarter-life” or “mid-life” crisis. It is a crisis in their eyes because they think the person is just too bogged down by all of life. And they are correct in their assertion. But what they neglect to ascertain is the fact that this person was fortunate enough to meet herself at a critical point in her life, so that she may at least give herself another opportunity to correct course, and to align her true Self with her current one.
The Circle of Life
Some people never have a crisis, and thus, never realize their true purpose. They don’t even know who they are and why they are here. And then, they die, having been highly productive all their lives, but never honestly going to the depths of their soul and becoming the person they were meant to fully be…

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