skeptical cat
These are troubled times, if the news is to be believed. Traditional, safe systems are giving way to rapid, hard-core change. The things that were true for Generation X are not necessarily true for Generation Y. No longer will we look to the things that are and see a future beyond the next couple of days. The old rot is out, the rush of the new is in.
But are we throwing the baby out with the bath water?
Fine, Egypt and Tunisia show that there is no future in dictatorship, that people power backed by a change in how people get their information has led to a systematic enlightenment… But the key component, the people involved, would they have done what they did if they didn’t have the sophistication of social media behind them? Did the people that spearheaded the revolution and the Arab Spring know that they were just creating space for a cruel game of musical chairs?
There has been a lot of speculation that the revolutions will spread to other countries with similar situations outside the Arab world, but this is yet to happen. That said, there have been several follow-up events, like Occupy Wall Street, where protestors have occupied a park in downtown New York, in an attempt undo the system of wrongs that is the US economy…
But until I see a change that is long-term, sustainable and democratic, I remain skeptical.