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Books are amazing.
They have the ability to bring people together in very interesting ways.
I attended the 2011 StoryMoja Hay festival, where I met the people behind ‘Pods Must be Crazy‘, a social experiment/book club that collects books and encourages people to leave them in public places for others to find and read.

The whole point, first of all, is to make it a habit for people to read books, and as soon as they are done, they leave them in public places for others to find, and (hopefully) read and leave in another public place. The books have little tracking forms in them, where people write where they found the books.
Granted the titles available were kinda hard to read (like ‘The Children’s Encyclopedia’), but with luck, and the addition of books that are sitting in people’s houses gathering dust, the collection will grow larger and more varied.
In a rather interesting twist, I got Landed Gently, a crime thriller, which I traded for Hamlet, and that is what I’m reading now.
Shakespeare's Hamlet
Hopefully I shall find a book or two after I finish with mine and leave it somewhere random.