Maybe the last choice you made ruined everything that you could possibly have achieved had you made a different turn.
Maybe you have an idea that you will not follow up on because it is either too massive for you to process, or too different for the world to accept. Maybe you have nobody to blame but yourself for the way your life is turning out.
Maybe you want to tell your story, but you have to fight with a million other distractions to get yourself an audience.
Maybe you want to succeed, but you want to fail even more, so that you fit in.
Maybe the turn that you took last has meant that you can’t find your way back to where you started, because that bridge you set on fire actually burned all the way through.
Maybe the walls you imagine other people have set up to close you in and stifle you are actually walls you put up for yourself.
Maybe you are unloveable, because the drugs you are on changed your personality so much that you pretty much lost your appeal.
Maybe the reason you are where you are, stuck inside something you didn’t see yourself in not too long ago is because you have all this potential you’re sitting on, but for some inexplicable reason, you chose not to exert yourself.

Well, in that case…

Get up from that mess.
Maybe you have it figured out wrong.

The exit you are afraid of? Maybe it’s the entrance to something more glorious than you could possibly imagine.
Maybe then, you will want to do something with what you have.
Maybe then, grasshopper, is when you will see that you have been in control this whole time.
Grab the steering wheel and start driving before you veer off and crash into that ditch…