Sometimes you have to settle for less. It’s not a plan. You don’t wake up saying, ‘Today I shall accept whatever comes my way, regardless of whatever other options I may have’. It just happens. An unconscious process, where you lose your line of thought, you are no longer making the rules. Rather, you are living by the rules you have made for yourself.
Sometimes that leads to happy results. You stop searching for perfection in other things and find the perfection hidden in the things you have around you. Some other times, settling for less means that you have given up the chase. You have come to a point where you’re getting a cramp, and rather than push through the pain, you exit, stage left, and leave with what you have, which could be nothing more than an illusion of what you may have gotten had you stuck to your guns.
You may have to look beyond the immediately visible to see that you haven’t exactly won the lottery, but what’s wrong with settling? Maybe you’re at the point where you’re comfortable with what you have. Not a compromise. An understanding. Future goal may have to be shelved, but it’s not permanent. You may have to cancel some things, put others on hold, adjust even more, but what is life, if not a series of compromises and promises that could be broken…
Compromise isn’t so bad.
You may need to shift your point of view. Change your mind. Ask for more. Work with less.
In the end, it’s what makes you happy, what gives you the fulfilment you need, that’s what’s important.
You make it work, that’s all.