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I recently stumbled upon a twitter account operated by the Government of Kenya, specifically the Ministry of Finance. Okay, maybe it’s not the Government itself that tweets, but it’s a really interesting account, called the Kenya Economic Stimulus Programme. Basically it’s a bailout by the Government of Kenya, trying to get money to the people that need it most, to build infrastructure and get things like healthcare and markets established so that the ‘common mwananchi’ (one of those buzzwords I hate…) can get involved in the development of their regions.
It may not be much, but it’s something.
There’s an option within the site that allows you to see how far the projects in your area have been completed, along with amounts of money that have been disbursed and where the money is going. There’s a lot that the program is doing, like building schools, planting trees and building markets in every constituency.
Visit, and see what the programme is doing where you are. You deserve to know.
It’s an interesting plan. I wonder how effective it’s going to be in the long run, but for now, it seems that the Government may have gotten one thing right. You need to spend some money (in the right places, of course…) to make the economy grow.