It’s the end of the month, about that time when people with jobs get paid. No, I did not get myself a job. At least not yet. I have taken the time to pay a couple of things forward, like the distilled wisdom of a wannabe wise man who’s becoming more man (and not less wise… At least he hopes there is some of that wisdom left over for when life becomes serious) as time goes by.
It shall take the form of a list, mostly because lists are good for keeping track of what has been said.
Here we go:
1. You don’t know everything
It is not a good way to start, I know. We all want to believe that we know all there is to know about all there is. But the thing that has a particularly melancholic beauty is that we will never know all there is. It is beautiful, because in the desire of knowledge comes a humility and lessons that add a ton of value to life.
2. Your mission, should you accept it, is to take the most you can out of life
Life is a quest, where we are all given a bag at the beginning and tasked with filling it. The instructions are not difficult. But the task itself is. Sometimes you find yourself in a garden of love, and you try to fill your bag with it, but you find that your bag can only take so much. And you will love so many people that your bag will overflow. or you may love one person so intensely that you will fill your bag many times over. But that is not all there is to life. You will feel pain. And bitterness. And sorrow. You will also feel hope. And happiness. And joy. All these feelings, they are your heart’s way of reminding you that you are alive. That it’s going to be alright. That you are not entirely lost. Eventually, even if it happens slowly, you will find your true north.
3. Remember what you took in number 2? Give it back. Some of it at least.
You are not alone here, in case you haven’t noticed. And part of your job is to transfer the things that you feel to other people. become a filter, so that what you give off is pure. Your bag is not just for you to go around collecting stuff in, it is so that you can open it, lazily in the shade on a hot sunny day, or bundled up indoors while it pours outside, so that you do not end up with so much that you explode, and in the same fashion you will get your due. Share.
4. Appreciate what you have
Life is fleeting. Some things are constant, like death and taxes (especially for the employed… lol), but life is wild and dynamic. Hoping that things will be the same, and ruing about times gone by do not help anyone. That said, your choices in the past contributed to your situation now, so be careful, because the decisions that you make now will affect your future, one way or another.
5. Don’t give up…
The biggest pool of untapped talent is the grave. There are way too many people who have died without realizing what potential they could have achieved if they only just applied themselves… Fine, life is the worst constructor there is, throwing in valleys and walls every so often, and when you think you’ve turned a corner, you find you have to start all over again. or just quit. Before giving up on the world and deciding that it does not deserve you, think about it, you just might be doing it wrong. Dust yourself off and try again.
Speaking of trying again….

Have a good one, whatever your ‘one’ is.