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Pray tell
What is this love
That is dreaded and longed for in equal measure
That both puts the heart at ease and raises the pressure
That hurts and heals
That builds and destroys
That fills and makes hungry
That quenches thirst and dries the throat
That fills one with words
And takes the same words away
That opens the mind
And closes it at that instant

What irony is this
That love should be blamed for so much ill
And the very same love
Is touted as the cure to these ills
That love should be so open in its appearance
And cloaked in mystery
So routine and mundane,
Yet bursting at the seams with newness
Feeling so right
And yet so wrong…

What is this love
That blinds so many
But opens their eyes to other things
As high as the highest mountains
As wide as the boundless oceans
As deep as the valleys of the earth
As narrow as the space between you and me

Such is love
Its meaning is lost when you try to understand it
But to go unguided risks getting lost
It is personal
But felt by everyone
It is the end of ends
The beginning of beginnings
It is the indulgence of the body
It is the victory of the soul…
It is, after all, love…

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