Life is an interesting means of keeping itself going… Small victories. Like waking up in the morning and getting out of bed rather than digging deeper into the covers and sleeping some more. Small victories, like going out and doing what you want and achieving the results that you were hoping for as opposed to random stabs in the dark… And even when what you are trying ends in failure, the fact that you tried speaks volumes…
Life, at its basest level, is binary. Yes, No. One, Zero. And from the start, it becomes quite algorithmic. If girl agrees that she likes you as much as you like her, then start a relationship. If not, keep looking. It may seem basic, but life is basic after all. The things we do are as basic as the motivations we have for doing them. Going to work is done in order to keep food in the fridge which is done to stay alive, because people generally don’t handle not eating very well. Working also means you are able to afford certain things non-working people don’t have. Like a disposable income.
The wins that count the most are those that keep us going, the occasional reminder that there’s a lot more work to be done. The consequence of not getting what you want is, more often than not, frustration that just won’t go away. life loses meaning. Battles keep popping up, and then they proceed to take the appearance of the world poising to beat you down. Fight back. The thing with battles, both real and imagined, is that they are usually shadows that flee when the light is shone on them. The whole point is to test how far you are willing to go. And the human spirit can rise above it all. That’s what it is good at. And it’s one of those ‘test and see’ things that the spirit does, lying dormant until a real challenge pops up.
Simply put, life is a battle, and you have to do your best to hang on, because it kicks and tries to toss you off. Hang on till the time runs out, and in the process, show some skill, earn some points, impress, get a following. And dismount when your time is up.