When we stop fighting,
have we the peace
That we were promised?
Or are we bored,
Looking for other things
To engage us for the time
That we are here
Devoid of purpose
Staring into space
Following the lights
That shine in the night
And disappear in the day
Leaving us to daydream,
Wishing we were there,
So that, for that time at least
We would have something to chase
Before the blindness sets in,
Before it gets cold,
Before we feel nothing
but the sharpest pain
In a warm, deceptive numbness
I want to start a battle
That I can rally behind
Not peace, for I shall have to think
of ways to keep the tension alive
Small wonder
I consider love to be a lie
Because love is a system
Of checks and balances
That comes and goes
And leaves a trail
Of hopes and dreams
Tattered and crushed
Deflated and discarded
For more realistic things
Like settling for less
Than we bargained for
Then start something
This pause is long
And dark
And quiet
I cannot sit for long
It hurts
To have nothing to do
To be gentle, to think of you
Iguess this means
That I have to learn
To love…