Everybody’s a freak to someone.
Take a newborn baby for instance. To it’s mother it may be a freak (based on the circumstances of conception) but to everyone else it may be the cutest thing on earth.
Life’s a constant battle. You have to pick who to listen to and who to completely ignore.
And when to do the rest that’s in the middle.
But at some point we realize that everyone’s saying different versions of the same thing.
Morality, good, bad, man, woman, time, space, me, you
All boils down to a central string running through them like a set of beads on a necklace.
So what you have to do is look for the string instead of getting dazzled by the beauty of the beads.
That people may not be perfect, but if you took a little of what everyone is saying and collect it together so that it’s what they may be saying but at the same time it’s not, then you have an interesting collage of stuff people have said. And in the end it’s the content of everything they say that matters, not every single word they use.
People have this strange ability to completely dissociate from what they say. Half the time I’m not really me when I say stuff.
It comes from the consciousness.
Like now I have no idea what I just wrote, like I stepped outside of myself for a moment and became what I was writing so it came out the way I felt it.
This is what you should do. Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve.
Vulnerability is weakness.
But don’t shut it in either. It’s one of the things that make you