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I dream of rain
I dream of freedom
I close my eyes
Take it all in
The world is my playground
I want nothing, I have it all
I know all, I am all
The luxury of time and space
The glory of the human race
The world is moving at my pace
My fears are gone, without a trace

But there are clouds in the distance
Lurking, menacing, dark
I cannot ignore them any longer
They grow, looming filling the sky
Blotting out the sun
The air grows cold, the winds pick up
I realize how alone I am
The skies pour, the rain falls
But this is not my dream

Soaking wet, I am swallowed whole
Rising mud where there once was solid ground
I cannot run, as much as I try
Sinking to the depths,
To forgotten, buried memories
To lessons not learned, to lost opportunities
To suffocation, to shame, to disappointment

‘But I am bigger than this’, I think
I realize there I let others define me
Drawing shapes, deriving comclusions
Holding me back
But I deserve much more than this
I have earned it
Breaking away, casting off the chains
Claiming my place
I own this, I am in control
So chain by chain is broken
Life at my own terms
Rising through the misery
The pain
The bad
Rising beyond it all
I am free

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