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Ok, so the votes from the referendum are still being counted, but it is possibly the first time that I feel like a real shareholder in my country… I voted in 2007, that was my first general election, and that didn’t turn out very well (epic understatement)… the main result was that my country was torn to pieces because of the conflicting interests of a few men at the very top… People in the streets were killing each other because of the things these men were saying to each other. The period before the elections had seen some of the most promising growth on the African continent, and the country’s identity was starting to form. Then came a referendum that effectively split Kenya into oranges and bananas…
To cut the long story short, the failures of 2007 were a result of many things that had remained unaddressed for a while, like corruption and the Government’s inability to deal with it and poverty, including unemployment in spite of the massive economic growth (which, it was pointed out, only made the rich richer…)
So today was a giant step towards fixing the errors of the past. It won’t fix things overnight, but it will go a long way towards making them better.
Which brings me back to my shareholder-ness… As a citizen of this country, I should be able to make the best life I can for myself, but with the current limitations, I can’t. I mean really, I have ideas, but they can’t take off because nobody is willing to invest in a young twenty-something who’s barely out of college… Expectations from my education are that i will get a job (and a white collar one at that) and I will work to build the nation. and anything that does not lead to that is wrong…
I know I have demands from this constitution that it cannot possibly meet, but then again, I have a say in where it is going. Part of that is having a say, a means to determine where we are going as a country. In the end, I have nowhere else to go.
Right, so these are my demands to the Powers that Be:

  • First, that my opinion be taken seriously. Do not come to me only when you need something.
    I have opinions on things, and that means I have things to say. Do not pretend to speak for me when you have no idea what I think.
  • Secondly, that you listen when I come to you. I know your time is valuable. So is mine. Remember, I put you where you are for a reason. I don’t owe you anything, and don’t make it sound like I owe you anything.

In the end, we are supposed to be of benefit to each other, like I get my problems solved and you are elevated in society. I know, this smacks of utilitarianism, but think about it. You wouldn’t want something you lose from, and neither would I.

  • My final demand, you adequately represent my interests. I put you where you are for you to represent me. I have to be selfish on this one. I want many things. Good schools, jobs, healthcare, roads, all those things that I can’t go out and build for myself. You, on the other hand, are in Government. It is expected of you. So get off your behind and give me what I want.

Those are my demands. For now. More later.