Overhanging clouds outside. Lack of inspiration, and my brain is on leave thanks to the cold. So here’s an ‘until the muse sings again’ post in the meantime…
The cold is making me do a number of things, among them:

  • Wear a sweater – Yes, I finally have a number of uses for all the sweaters filling up my wardrobe that previously went unused…
  • Drink tea – Tea was only for breakfast. Now it’s the only thing keeping me warm
  • Wear closed shoes – No more sandals. Feet are for walking, and they can’t really do that when they’re frozen
  • Wear pants – Alas, to the joy of some, the shorts have taken a break
  • Sleep in – Waking up at 8 now feels like getting up at the crack of dawn

The sun will totally come out and spite me tomorrow, but until then, I shall shiver.