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Ugandans have mastered the art of eating. The Ugandan concept of ‘food’ is everything, literally. I laughed whe I saw signs saying ‘Food + meat’ and so forth, so I actually ordered it, and it came. Pumpkin, matoke, cassava, ugali and rice, and meat in a plate on the side. Massive chunks of meat. Teeth are for biting.
All this food can be attributed to the fact that the country is excessively green. Everywhere. It rains, the earth brings forth stuff that can be eaten, and it gets eaten. So far I have eaten all sorts of things, in no particular order:

  • the humble rolex,
  • grasshoppers (close your eyes and think of chicken),
  • fries with gravy (delicious),
  • matoke (apparently we do it wrong, over here the bananas are mashed),
  • chaps (that I thought were chapati, only to be proven quite deliciously wrong),
  • a goat head and hoof (close your eyes and think of meat. Where it comes from is not important)

Over and above the Ugandans’ love for food is their love for drink. There are all sorts of things available to choose from. I have mentioned before that Uganda has a massive variety of Pepsi products… They have Mountain Dew, which I have concluded is the best soda on this planet.
As for other faire, there’s things like Nile Special and Nile Gold, Bell, Club and all other sorts of beer, and there’s Uganda Waragi, which has a kick comparable to, well, a kick to the forehead.
Back to food. There’s a way Uganda also has its fair share of Lake Victoria (including the water around Migingo… WE SHALL NOT FORGET), so there’s loads of fish available all the time. And they cook it in all sorts of ways, deep fried, roasted, boiled, baked…
And there is chicken by the road. Delicious roasted roadside chicken that just touches that spot right there, that one. The one that makes you want chicken in the first place.
Ugandan coffee is excellent. Goes down well after a hard night 😉
But generally, Ugandans know how to eat. And they know how to drink as well. And they sure can party…