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I had to make a decision, go with an entry-level job with relatively modest pay or go abroad for an unpaid but rewarding opportunity…
Background info: I had a job once, when I was 19 and life was good… So I got a job and I did quite well at it, but i had to quit coz of school. I wanted to go back several times, but school kept messing it up, so there was no choice, really. Now, 3 years later and I went back. Place is pretty much the same, even the salary hasn’t changed. And a bunch of people I worked with are still there, the job description is still the same, so as far as opportunities for growth are concerned, there is not much left. If anything I know some of the stunts they pull, like all the mind-games and the sense of obligation and whatnot.
The other option is a CEED, a Cultural Envoy for Exchange Development. I’m taking the opportunity between now and July when my term as local committee president to go learn a bit on Projects and see what else I can help them out on. And I can see opportunities for growth here, getting out there and seeing how the rest of the World (ok, it’s Uganda, but it still counts as a part of the rest of the world…) does it…
Explaining my reasons has been hard. Like now I should stay and take the job because it’s money, and I shouldn’t let it go to waste. And the one question that kept coming up was whether the project I was going to do would pay more than staying and working. But that did not feature in my consideration. I raised my hand when they asked if anyone was there for the interview just to get a job, which was my reasoning. And I was not ashamed of the fact. A little extra money wouldn’t hurt, but then again, neither would going on an awesome learning experience.

I leave for Uganda in a few days. I do not regret my decision.