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This is the last in our series, “regurgitations, the re-blogs from when I was on MySpace.”

Happy Birthday to me
Current mood: accomplished
Being 20 feels just like being 19, only this time I feel guilty when I’m watching TV instead of going out and finding focus in my life.
Thanks for all the happy birthdays and hope you all are having a great time. I know I am.
And a huge thanks goes to one of my biggest friends ever.
He’s got a massive brain and an absolutely brilliant insight into life in general.
Thanks Nick at http://www.cannotfindserver.net
And now I’ll make a list of things to do when I’m 20, do them then look back at this moment, say something like “It’s been real”, then proceed to carry on with life.
I like birthdays for one reason. They’re like this really cool chance to retrospect and collect whatever baggage is still pending and move on to the next step.
And at some point there’s baggage sorting, so all the junk and unnecessary stuff is left behind and all the good stuff is grouped together for stock taking.
So they’re like this portal that we all drift towards at some point, like a toll bridge you pay to get across, and as you’re crossing you get an unbelievably clear view of what’s behind and what’s ahead.
Ok, enough said. Time for cake (or in my case, a Mars bar and soda).
Take care of yourselves.
One love, one world.
Eric :o)

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