Sunday, February 04, 2007
So this is how I spend my time
Current mood: sleepy
Category: Life

I’m really sleepy. Seriously. I’m zoning in and out right now.
Got a new job the other day, selling ISP service over the phone.
So people call up and what I do is basically tell them about our available plans and whatever and they either buy or not buy depending on whatever they want. So the thing is, I live in Kenya, and the market I sell to is in the States, so I have to stay awake the whole night to do my job.
So in the end my body clock is messed up.
It doesn’t help much that half the time I have to convince the guy on the other end that I have a real job, that I’m getting paid for talking to him and telling him why he should quit ISP A and join ISP B.
Then there’s the people who call “Just to ask”, and in the end that’s not a sale.
So initially I was a bag of nerves and I really felt the pressure to perform and as a result I was permanently on my toes.
I’ve relaxed more, the challenge is off, and so what’s happening is that I’m getting complacent.
I’m bored.
To wit’s end.
I reached my zenith sometime last week when I made 14 sales in one night as opposed to some other people with something like 3, so it was major.
But now I’m not driven to do the same, to make 14 sales again.
Now I make 6, 7, 10 if I’m feeling inspired.
But the thing is, I’ve been there for 2 weeks now.
And I’m bored.
How can that happen to anyone? I mean, 2 weeks?
But it’s partly because the office is strange.
I have to wear a suit all night.
It’s at night, so the relevance of that I still fail to see.
But dress is everything. I’m not really likely to make more sales if I’m wearing jeans than if I’m wearing finely spun wool now, am I?
I made more sales wearing a cotton throw-on than when I was wearing the same finely spun wool.
People are funny, there’s neat freaks, like my boss.
Then there’s couldn’t-give-a-damn people like this guy at the office who’s constantly getting made fun of about his shoes, but he always insists that whoever’s saying it isn’t paying his rent so they don’t really deserve any of his time.
End of the day, it’s what you’ve done that matters.
Not how you do it.
That’s what life’s like.
No one cares that you were wearing a yellow t-shirt with green socks when you made that 100th sale.
But if you make the mistake of screwing up, the t-shirt and socks will be blamed.
Success can happen on its own, failure has to have an explanation behind it.
I sleep days now.
I’ve had to reset myself.
It’s been a process.
But I’m going back tomorrow, and the day after.
To prove a point to myself.
Those 2 weeks is way too short a time for self evaluation, and that I can hit 14 or more as easily as I did it the first time.
That’s kinda the point of this blog.
It’s self-confidence time…
Moving on with life.