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The following is a post I put on MySpace way back in 2006. Yes, that was when it was simple and clean, devoid of the many weird things that have come to make it, simply put, bizarre. I have since killed the account, after a year-and-a-half of inactivity, but the blog posts shall take up new residence here.

Saturday, December 02, 2006
Consequences 101

Consequences 101

Anything and everything has consequences. Good or bad, now or later. That’s how it is.

The universe is built on this tenet. That there is action and reaction.

For everything I do, there’s a change that will happen to me either now or sometime in the future.

Take this for example. I’m drinking now, I get myself drunk and I have to drive home.

I might crash on the way and die, or in the long run twenty or so years from now I’ll have liver cancer.

I’m just using alcohol as an example. Don’t take that too seriously.

The present action has in fact led to the result in the future over which I have no control.

So in determining the present I have determined the future. I can change my present and in the process change the future.

Think. Saw that on a t shirt. That’s what all this is about.

Get yourself thinking. Look outside and beyond the obvious.

According to Reuben Abel, the present lasts in a time frame of about 12 seconds.

That’s it. And within those 12 seconds some decisions are made, like which country to invade next

or how many children to have. Some serious life-changing things.

As well as some trivial ones. Like to get that piercing in a fit of rebellion,

or to quit school and join that band,

or to bully the local genius coz he got an A minus in the test you got an F in.

The consequences of these actions may seem trivial at first,

but the consequences leave a dent in the thread of time.

Two chains of events based on a decision some would consider as fickle

and otherwise inconsequential.

But it has happened. Just look at how many bands get stuck with drugs and alcohol,

turning otherwise seriously talented chaps into mush.

Everything has a consequence, every action a reward (reward may be anything, good or bad).

That is how religion goes about. Making people think.

Think about things they wouldn’t really think about.

Like how they affect the people around them.

If we were all decent and kind to each other like we’re supposed to,

then there would be love instead of war.

That love that makes you want to bake your neighbour a pie

and not stab him in the heart.

But man is inherently defensive, believing in self preservation over society’s needs.

That’s why religion feels so uncomfortable.

It’s an attempt at making man see that there’s more to the world than just him.

Like there’s this other dimension that he will not really see until his eyes are open.

So open that they will see that everyone else is just like him. That’s why individuality is all the rage.

We don’t want to be like ‘everyone else’;

we want to be ourselves no matter how essential it is that we conform.

Take school for example. Uniforms were put in place for everyone to look the same,

so that there wouldn’t really be a difference because there would be a unifying factor: school pride.

But someone somewhere decided that that was a stifler to creativity and self pride.

Self pride? So I have less pride in myself by being proud of something else? Isn’t that the point??

And the consequence of banning uniforms is a world where kids go to school in strange clothes,

whatever’s in that season. And whoever doesn’t have one is laughed at.

Or worse. Deny kids uniformity and they’ll do it on their own.

With worse consequences.

Where’s your self-pride now?

Postscript: This was partly inspired by Nick Eliot at http://www.cannotfindserver.net