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One of my favourite episodes of the [sadly short-lived] Evil Con Carne, spinoff from Grim and Evil, is ‘The Pie Who Loved Me’, where blueberry pie made by Doctor Ghastly (whose favourite element is Boron, plus she’s got some rocking red knee-high boots on…) that works for Hector Con Carne, that ends up wrecking the world.
Everyone holds hands in the end and talks about how the all-conquering pie has broken their spirits, and the mystery ingredient that’s got the whole world subdued (after having too much pie nonetheless) is love…
Apparently pie in the sky, outside the cartoon context) is an allusion to heaven, like we all want a piece of the pie in the sky. he promise of something greater, like the assurance that all that life is is not going to end here…
So in the end it’s an attempt to get a piece of the pie, like one piece is not enough. And like everything else, there’s a teeny bit of envy that works itself in, like I’m happy to get my bit of pie, knowing someone somewhere will get a smaller piece. that way I can feel better about mine.
There’s no point in me saying I have eternal life (or whatever alternative there is in all the other religions) when there’s someone somewhere that’s going without. It would be a major fail on my part as a member of the human race. My brother’s keeper.
So I shouldn’t just focus on getting as much pie as I can, I should make sure that in getting my pie, nobody will get any less of theirs… Being considerate is hard…
And the pie? Well, the pie is love. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for?