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The end of a year, and the (supposed) end of a decade…
It has had its fair share of ups and downs, this year. And thankfully it’s been more up than down.
It has been the year of responsibilities stumbled upon, relationships consolidated, the blog, the internship (with the awesome sandwiches), the ulcer, the failure, the identity carved out, the new laptop, the .1 child (*wink* at @sweetestshaboo), the criminal record, the broken phone, tech support, TWITTER!!! (including the super awesome tweeps, mnajijua), the drought, the rain, Hurricane Wanjiku, Zain and free calls, the census, Coast twice in one year, AIESEC, hashtags, road trips, respect… I could go on and on…
It has been a good year.
All indicators are that 2010 will be teh awesome.
Happy new year, world.