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So I decided to write a letter to myself in 2010, seeing as that’s in a couple of days…


First of all, happy new year, and congratulations, you made it this far. It’s a brand new year, a blank canvas you can do pretty much anything with… Choose wisely what you want to do with it.

In all things, do not forget that as long as you live, you have something to look forward to. You have your entire life ahead of you, take it easy. It will be one wild ride…
There will be things, just as there have always been, that you can and cannot fix. You may not tell when you get into them, but you can’t fix everything. You can, however, learn from everything you try to fix. Everything is a lesson, whether success or failure. It is entirely up to you to decide how you will look at it.
Years are not anything to take lightly, they are entire trips around the sun. They look long, but they have a way of running out on you when you least expect it… And with the passage of time, there are threads that are bound to unravel while others get woven closer together. You may not see it now, but the things you do will set the pace for the things to come.

Time will pass no matter what. Do not waste whatever little time you have wishing for more time. Picture an hourglass… As the sand trickles from the top to the bottom, do not wish that the sand would stop and give you a break. Time will spin madly on, irregardless of whether you have your fingers crossed or not. it’s up to you to decide how you will use it.
This will be a year of great responsibility for you. people will rely on you even more than they do now. However, do not let this dissuade you, neither do not let it change who you are. In all responsibility, find the lesson that is to be learned and learn it accordingly. Even the mundane and dull tasks that you may take for granted, they too have their lessons.
You have a greatness you yourself cannot comprehend. It is up to you to take the path that will lead you there. It will unfold before you, do not rush it. Remember Dorothy? Yes, the yellow brick road. Find your own road and take it to your own Oz. Get out of that comfort zone. You could have settled for less, but this would be a waste, and you know it. Reach for the greatness that you keep dreaming about, and you will see that it only takes that much effort to get there.
Read more. How else are you going to learn? Admit it, you don’t know everything πŸ˜›
Write more. You have much to share.
Love more. That way, maybe you will stop feeling so alone.
Think less, do more. Sometimes, even the best intentions can barely match up to the occasional action.
Get out of your shell. There are other people out there. You may think you are alone, but you are not. Get out more, smell the coffee. You will be surprised. Open yourself up to possibility.
Learn to let go. Sometimes it may hurt, but in the long run, it’s best if you let go of some things.
Respect everyone, even those you don’t understand, or those that don’t understand you.

And use your time wisely. You only get one turn. Don’t waste it worrying about what might be or regretting about what was.

And don’t forget, you rock \m/

All the best in 2010. I’m rooting for you πŸ™‚