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So my roommate and his girlfriend have been going through some rather interesting phases of late, like they’ve broken up and made up several times. Yesterday was the calling-and-no-answering stage, and before that was the disowning of everything. Now my room is rather small, so I have become an unfortunate participant in these sharings, including being asked over and over again by roommate what roommate’s girlfriend’s texts mean. And they were rather cryptic. So basically it was me agreeing to whatever he said to get him off my case…
They seemed to be outdoing themselves in an attempt to prove that familiarity breeds contempt.
But no, now they’re back together.
So that got me thinking, is it a thing about familiarity, through proximity, that wears people down and makes relationships so weird?
Long distance relationships have the added strain of having to compensate for the physical closeness with other things, like communication. So i have the opposite problem… Miss Girl has been away for a while, and in the meantime I have sucked majorly at my attempts at communication with her.
Proximity makes everything trivial, like too much contact and such. And distance makes a difference. Bring in a relationship with someone you can’t see/be with is hard.
Somewhere along the great slide rule of life, a compromise has to be struck…