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Turns out I had another blog on WordPress, which I have since killed. It was on my Yahoo! address which I hardly ever use, that’s why…
It had one post, so I shall copy-paste it here. From way back in April 2008… Looks like I have a thing for blogs and April, seeing as all the blogs (at least the ones that i am aware of) were started in that month.
Well, here it is.

Chapter 1: The Beginning
April 4, 2008 by kenyan105
While most people would think of a beginning as starting from scratch, mine is different. It is more like an arc from the present, from which events unfold, some of which i have little (or no) control over. My life is average, or so I have been made to believe…

But then I have my weaknesses.

And what these do is make me realize my humanity.

So that’s what this is for. An exploration into Me.

Now how do we do this?

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