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Kenya is one of those strange oddities in history, like those stories told over and over and they still have their attraction, a creation of history and happenstance, forged in the womb of the British empire, without identity, waiting for a history to be written.
Large collection of all sorts of people, from the young and hopeful to the old and wise, men and women that wake up every day with hopes and dreams, a nation alive with possibility… The people that have tilled the land with their hoes, fished the lakes and seas with their nets, walked the plains with their animals, filled the air with their songs, pounded the earth with their dances, seeking a better tomorrow, these are but a taste of the real Kenya, the cornerstone of this great nation.
While we are still people to begin with, we need to understand that we are still human, still individuals with weakness.
And weakness leads to fear. And fear leads to hate.
That is why we have continued to fail. For as long as we hate those with whom we are still bound to have a common destiny, we will fail, and we sill suffer as we fail. For as long as we fragment ourselves, clinging to identities that are increasingly irrelevant, of class, of race, of creed, we cannot progress. Until our leaders learn that leadership is not putting some down at the expense of others, it is not eating first and leaving the left-overs for those that are under them, that we still are social beings, that differences count for nothing, that it is not a cliche that all we need is love, that hard hearts only lead to hurt, then we shall continue to pull ourselves apart, we will keep hurting ourselves, we will fall…
But that is not the end.
We are Kenyans. We are the Kenya we have, and we have the Kenya we want to see within our reach.
I may sound like just another young and idealistic, perhaps naive town kid with no culture to speak of, but I say it because I believe it…
Kenya needs you.