Today’s my last day at work… Going back to school tomorrow. The sandwiches are what I have with my midday tea. I realized how I shall miss them. The thing about work where you make your own money (and have minimal expenses to drag you down) is that it makes school look like it’s not worth much. It may beworth very little, if any, but it’s what I get in the long term that’s supposed to matter. Much as I am bombarded with references that didn’t finish college and made it out fine, they still had to invest a lot… Like Steve Jobs in this awesome video, a speech he gave at Stanford in 2005.

Much as he quit Stanford, he still went back and learned stuff that would come in handy.
I have contemplated quitting, but I’m in too deep, I might as well keep this momentum.
But I’ll be back to finish the internship in September… In the mean time, exams, as well as catching up with a lost end-of-semester.
Indecision. Me no likey.