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I once heard from my friend Dee that there’s guys out there so hood that even their pubes must have dreadlocks and such… Pardon me, I only make random misdirected statements when I’m tired or bored or both. So that got me thinking, what exactly makes someone ‘hood’?
I get comparisons made against me all the time. I have an accent, I wear glasses, I match my shirts with my ties, so that means I’m a Barbie. Like I don’t even feature in the scale of hoodness. Fine I speak Swahili, but it’s the sanifu kind, like I paid attention in class. And even my Swahili has an accent worked into it somehow… Fine, i go to a public uni, but it’s my first public institution, so it doesn’t count. Either way, I’m just the guy from the ‘burbs. Plus I’m like a major technophile, so that doesn’t go down too well with most people… I listen to rock, afro fusion, and since i found out there’s streaming radio I can access on iTunes, Classical. I don’t listen to Genge, not because I don’t like it, I just can’t relate… But that’s stuck-upness that people are quite unwilling to understand.
Ok, so here’s how it is. I am by no means the average guy, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a person… Does it?