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I’m blogging at work.  Not good. I could justify myself by saying I’m working on my blog, but still, that’s not good enough. here’s the long and short of it. i blog because i can’t Facebook. I twitter because I can’t randomly surf. Randomly surf means I can’t get on sites like  Cracked, the site with the arbitrary lists of very funny things and such… *sigh*

I’m getting soft.

No, really, I’m getting soft, a little extra padding, a little more of me to love… The euphemisms are endless, I have realized. Living at home means I can’t go hungry. That used to be my answer to exercise, not eating. Now I eat. And the most exercise I get is a brisk walk through Nairobi on my way home. Which should be good enough, but for some reason it’s not…  It’s likie that wake-up call, I need to get me some of that exercising…

Somewhere along the line, I realized I’m not the man I thought I was. I’m a lot more worldly, a lot less religious, and my philosophy had dulled with time. Now I’m more of an economist. Everyone is, really. Like with the tide of collapsing equity, the resulting flood of CNN coverage and the spectrum of experts that went ignored in a previous lifetime, conventional wisdom suddenly centers around the fact that material prosperity isn’t all that… Like there’s more to it than the mansion in the ‘burbs, the postergirl wife (or posterboy husband) and the two-and-a-half children… There has to be more.
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More please… It’s the puppyness that get to you… And it’s a puppy…

It’s one of life’s classic gambits, where does it end?