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So that you don’t look at me funny, I start with what has to be the creepiest lolcat ever…
Ok, now that I’ve started with that, I just wanted to creep you out. Cats are evil. And soft and warm at the same time… It’s a niche market, the perfect conspiracy. Make them nice and cute, but with a sprinkling of evil, and soon they shall yield. But this one wins.

I concur, having watched Disturbia. Thank goodness we don’t have one of those, both the cat and the basement.

So yesterday I was thinking about the way we strive to climb up the hierarchy, become the best of anything. And just as you get to the top of the pile, you realise that your pile was at the bottom, supporting a host of other piles. Which begs the question, is the pursuit of number 1 really worth it, seeing as number 1 is all the way up there, and you’re all the way down here?
Now I’m not saying we should just settle with the status quo, no. I’m saying it’s good to have ambition, the desire to be better. but how much better? Better could be the first one in your family to go to college, or the first millionaire, or something as mundane-sounding as surviving to see your great grandchildren.
A story is told of a fisherman in some sleepy backwater in Mexico, he was asked why he just settled with being a fisherman while he could do so much more with it, like say, hiring people to fish, selling the fish, expanding, getting a bigger enterprise, making enough money to retire to some sleepy backwater where he could fish all he wanted…
The guy got to the end, not by following the marked road, but by realizing that he was happy with just settling. So either follow the road and enjoy the trip or identify an end and take the shortest way there…
Maybe that’s the secret to being happy. All that matters is whether you’re well and truly happy.
Then there’s t shirt distractions like this one, not half bad 😀

Get thee behind me…

So all that matters is that you’re happy, as long as you’re not happy at someone else’s expense.
Don’t worry, be happy. Simple.

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