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I’m not one to shamelessly advocate for anything, in fact I’d rather go for what I percieve to be the underdog. But I have to say, Flock has to be the best browser everrr. Yeah. It’s the one browser that’s grabbed me by my nostrils and thrust me into web 2.0. And it was simple, plain and non-invasive (save the nostrils bit, though we came to an agreement, I wouldn’t sue). It made stuff I’d shied away from fun. like blogging. And while there’s other browsers out there that I’ve used and advocated for, this one takes the cake. plus it’s so social that I’m considering a foray into the dark and dingy alleys of my MySpace account. It just makes the web feel that much more clean and blue and safe. And mine. let’s not forget that.

So aside from the general suckiness of being made to stay home, I have the net, a welcome distraction, where I can just sit and look at randomly generated stuff. Plus i’m up to date with all the webcomics I’m following, which is awesome… I’ve fixed and upgraded the home computer, so it’s going to go on for ever… Ok, no, for a very long time. Ok, no, for like the next year or so. then it’s going to get tweaked again. Vicious cycle. But technology is one of those things, it keeps going for its own sake.

Yeah, random baby.. At least he’s happy with whatever that is

I’m disturbed by the number of people that have absolutely no idea who George Orwell is, or rather Eric Arthur Blair. I’m reading 1984 and acknowledging that this guy was genius.

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Him, the genius

So the guy that gave us 1984 isn’t that well known, fine. How about Animal Farm? That’s the book that gave us all the ‘all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others’ quote. He’s the guy that broke down the Soviet empire into easy-to-understand characters, he’s the one that saw that communism is about the biggest hoax there is… But noone knows who he is. Sad. He’s the guy that breaks down what it was like to be a colonial soldier in Burma, he asks why the English language is, he went down a coal mine and wrote everything exactly as he saw it. He was, by far, one of the greatest literary minds of the last century.
But then again, we don’t read. We’re told. So now I’ve told you. Go look him up…

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