The good people that make Heroes somehow decided that it would be a good idea to flog the dead horse, and it worked somehow. I thought it should have ended at wherever season 2 was supposed to have ended, but they carried on. Very toe in the pool, Mr Kring. And it worked. I loved season 3 enough to watch it all in two sittings, hours apart.

Somewhere last weekend, it was Valentines. A nauseating mix of red and roses. And love. That’s what gets me, the love. Proof that people can be genuinely civil to one another. One of the things taht make us human, this love. And the source of much inspiration, love stories keep getting replayed ad nauseum. But perhaps tere’s a method to the madness, that somehow it’s just me being skeptical…

And then it was Sunday. Someone decided along the way that Raphael Tuju STD videos weren’t scary enough when shown to high school kids, nay. Those ones decided their fates a long time ago. Bring them to church and throw in a few choice words like sin and uncleanliness… There you have it. My church decided it would be a good idea to mix sex into the service. Talking about sex. Just talking. There. Take your tongue and put it back in your mouth. And close your mouth as well… So it’s been going on the past 3 weeks and will end next Sunday. I like how I feel nothing. Like it’s just swinging past me, I feel the breeze and not much else. More later.